Confidence Your Secret Weapon.

A Guide To Building Confidence

Confidence Your Secret Weapon is a personal development guide that provides readers with the tools they need to improve confidence, develop high self-esteem, and set goals to achieve their dreams.

Confidence Your Secret Weapon delivers basic exercises designed to help instigate confidence building tactics and methodologies that can be utilized in everyday life. Confidence Your Secret Weapon will help readers form a healthy and self-assured thought process, and to recognize that confidence is a never ending journey, where there is always room for growth and improvement.

Press & News:

Midwest Book Review.

"Teens (and many an adult reader) who wish to incorporate more confidence into their approaches to life - and who are willing to follow the techniques that will bring them to ultimate success - will find Confidence Your Secret Weapon a real, unique winner."

McNeil's Reviews.

"Ashley identifies characteristics of resilience such as optimism, the ability to regulate one’s emotions, and the capacity to see failure as a form of helpful feedback. Journal exercises and questions, which stimulate self-reflection, are provided in the text. I recommend Confidence Your Secret Weapon for anyone who would like to build or rebuild confidence and self-esteem."

Goodreads Review.

"Ashley Korin McLean's intentions are to provide hands-on questions and answers to let her readers take a couple of first steps to improve their self-esteem, avoid negative thoughts and develop self-confidence. Success is not made or enforced, failures will come. We all make mistakes, and have to apply coping mechanisms. Positive thinking without action is useless."

About the Author.

Ashley Korin McLean

Ashley Korin McLean is a model, motivational speaker and entrepreneur, who is dedicated to helping others in their personal development, especially young adults. She is also the founder of the Korin Black Project, a charitable foundation that aims to inspire, support and empower young girls and women to become poised and confident leaders in their personal lives and careers.

A graduate of Bradley University, Ashley Korin earned a Bachelor’s degree in advertising and multimedia. When not spending time with her family, she enjoys traveling, speaking to teens and young adults in the areas of self-improvement and working in the fashion industry. She is a proud Chicago native.

Confidence & Conversations.

Book Tour 2020

Confidence Your Secret Weapon presents The Confidence & Conversations Book Tour 2020. We are hosting FREE social development and education workshops for teens ages 14-17. In our workshops, we discuss academic achievement, career ambitions & life goals, as well as how confidence in one's ability leads to success.

New workshops TBA 2020.

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